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Businesses supported by Purple Shoots

Who are the Purple Shoots Borrowers?

I am often asked what sort of businesses receive investment from Purple Shoots so I have done an analysis of the first 100 borrowers below to give some idea. Categorizing is hard so note that:

Personal services includes: hairdressers, beauty therapists, personal trainers, a dentist, childcare, cleaning companies

Miscellaneous includes a theatre company, a company working with disabled children, a fisherman etc

Construction includes: builders, plumbers, carpenters, painters and decorators, gardeners, handymen etc

Training and IT include web-based businesses, computer repair companies, business services companies etc

Recycling includes scrap metal dealers, fridge repairs, second hand furniture, furniture repair, clothing recyclers

Of the total borrowers (100 individuals), 43 are women and 78  were unemployed until they took out the loan. Age range is very wide with no dominant age group – 24 are aged under 30. They are located throughout Wales, but the majority are in the South East, mainly the Valleys (67).

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